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What is a structured product



The structured product is an investment product whose characteristics are known in advance.

As soon as you subscribe, you know:


  • Product duration
  • The underlying on which it is based (generally a stock market index, such as the CAC 40 or the Euro Stoxx 50)
  • Annual yield
  • Capital and return guarantees

The life cycle of your structured product

Open for pre-reservation


You can position yourself to reserve part of the envelope, during its availability date for marketing.

End of product marketing

The envelope is closed and your funds are invested.

Initial observation of the index

The level of the underlying is observed and its value becomes the product’s benchmark index.

First possible product recall date

If the level of the underlying is higher than the initial level, the product ends: you recover your capital, as well as 6% gross return. Otherwise the product continues and a new observation takes place every day.

End of product, if not recalled before

If the level of the underlying has never exceeded the index initially observed, the product closes.

We then observe 3 scenarios:

  • Up to 20% loss of the index: you recover your capital, as well as a capital gain made up of all annual coupons, i.e. 8 x 6% gross return.
  • Up to 40% loss: your invested capital is 100% guaranteed.
  • Beyond 40% loss: your capital is reduced by the percentage of the drop suffered by the market.
Thousands of satisfied customers, it’s not by chance!

100% of Climb support is free! Our business model is transparent. We benefit from a kickback paid by our many partners who provide investment products, if and only if you decide to invest.

Frequently Asked Questions


🤷 How much does it cost?


The only costs to take into account are the management costs of your life insurance contract or Retirement Savings Plan: i.e. 0% entry fees and 1% annual management fees, excluding fund management fees, which are directly deducted from your performance by the manager.

🤝 How to invest?


The structured product is one of the possible investment compartments, in life insurance or a PER offered by our partner insurer APICIL.

🤷 What is the daily observation?


At the end of the 18th month, the index level is compared daily to its initial level. And if it exceeds it, the product ends. You therefore have an opportunity every day to recover your return, as well as your capital. Over 8 years, that’s more than 1,600 opportunities. Not bad is not it ?

🤷 What are the redemption terms?


Our structured product has been designed to offer you the best chance of exit, from the 18th month. And what’s more, you can decide to sell your shares whenever you want.
However, note that the guarantees can only be activated at the maturity of the product, so you will not be able to benefit from them and you will exit at the market price.

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Find the best investment solutions

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